Friday, May 30, 2008

Drama Obsession!!

It was 2 years ago that my friend from Mizoram, who lives in the college hostel, got dvds of Full House... The famous South Korean drama starring RAIN and Song hye gyo... At first when i went over to the hostel and heard them talk excitedly about these dramas they were watching, i laughed it off... Moreover, I didnt leave any chance i got to tease them about it.. Little did i know, that very soon i would be at the other end, being teased endlessly by anybody and everybody i know, about this latest addiction of mine...
It turns out that it took me only ONE SCENE to fall in love with these dramas...
I started with korean, n then went on to watch mandarin dramas n now i even watch japanese dramas!!!!
Well, i dont know what it is about these dramas.... They give u those happy moments and then make you cry... I guess, its because the stories are woven finely and characters sketched impeccably. You take an instant liking to the characters who are so relatable and the stories which, at times, may be dramatized but are mostly enrapturing.. It successfully keeps you hooked... Besides, unlike most shows on TV, these shows have an END.
The stories are about happiness, hope and true love (the ones I watch, if I might add)... At the same time, they are well researched and impart knowledge to you about a wide variety of things, professions and people such as Pasta, Musicians, Patissieres etc, whatever the drama may revolve around. Moreover, it opens up avenues to learn about an all new culture. I mean, the media of any country is probably one of the best ways to explore its culture after all!

These dramas can truly take all your worries away and take you to a world where nothing is real but you want it to be...
Honestly speaking, im glad i found this obsession.. It is one thing that has helped to keep me going even when the going got tough.. Though all the incessant ridiculing embarrassed me earlier, now I have no qualms in admitting-
I LOVE DRAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

My brothers back home!

Well since this blog is all about good times (mainly ;) ), i'll talk about another time that all of us at home await...

Since the past 8 months or so my brother's been living out coz he works for Maersk international now... N the times he returns home are probably the best we have together.... Though he is my cousin, we share a relationship as close as real siblings...

If only i didnt have these stupid exams now i would be able to enjoy too... But i guess nothing can be done ablout that!!

Well heres a picture of the three of us... My twin, my brother n i!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Why do people fight??
Nothing good ever comes out of it right?
It just spoils the atmosphere and upsets everyone...
The whole feeling of being happy and together simply vanishes in a second...
Iv had my share of fights.... N when things have been sorted out, iv only wondered what good came out of it??
It was just a collossal waste of valuable time that could otherwise have been used to create wonderful memories!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why auld lang syne?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, (Should old acquaintances be forgotten)

And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And days o’ lang syne! (And days of long ago!)

Chorus: For auld lang syne, my dear (For times gone by, my dear )

For auld lang syne,

We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet (We will take a cup of kindness yet )

For auld lang syne!

Such a meaningful song!!

I always remembered the tune of this song but could never remember what it was about until i recently heard it on youtube... What this song says is something i truly believe in... Ofcourse this is just the first verse n chorus...
I think through this blog i want to cherish all the things that make me happy... Be it my recent obsession for particular songs or my love for south-east asian dramas (korea, taiwan, japan et al). All the things that are precious to me.. My friends.. EVERYTHING!! Well in a year im going to start working (Hopefully!! If i get a job that is!).. So basically my "student life" will end or atleast be on hold till i pursue my post grad... It will be like an end to a phase.. So I hope i never forget all the fun i had & all the great people i met... I hope i never forget any of those good old times! And i promise to add loads of good times in this upcoming final year of college as well!!

For Auld Lang syne!!