Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Zai Jian 2008!

(Goodbye 2008!)
Just a few hours more and soon we'll be stepping into the new year!! Year 2009!!!
This year brought old friends closer, wonderful new friends, good marks *winks* , more shows among many other things... A peaceful/uneventful year on the whole...
After the bitter and turbulent end of 2007, personally, the year 2008 has been one of healing and growth.. Friendships and addictions proved to be therapeutic and helped me rise from probably one of the most difficult phases of my life. So, i must take this opprotunity to thank all those friends who stood by me and at times lost their temper and confronted me (thankfully).. Had you guys not been there, I dont know how i would have come out of it... Also, im grateful to all my new friends who were unaware of anything but helped me immensely to come back to 'normal'. Finding 'The Villa' and being a part of it was certainly one of the key highs of this year. Last yet not the least, my family, who probably suffered the most, especially in the first half of the year, when they saw me in a way they had never seen me before. Im extremely sorry to have put them and everyone else through this, but im sure they understand.
This year has taught me to love and cherish what i have right now, in the present! It has taught me that life moves on and we have to as well.. I only hope that I can.
I pray, that neither I, nor anyone else has to face a sudden unexpected loss of their loved ones and also hope that peace prevails in the world and no dastardly attacks on innocent people anywhere occur. Lets have a Peaceful, Happy and Properous 2009!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Enjoying the first REAL holidays since the first year of engineering!!! Yay!! Finally feels like the end of a semester!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ek lau... A beautiful song...

Iv finally found the translation of the song that tells exactly how every Indian feels at the moment.... (Yes, it is the song that NDTV uses in its tribute to the martyrs)..
(Song is written by Amit Trivedi, from the soundtrack of Aamir, performed by Shilpa Rao and Amitabh)

You can hear it here...

Ek Lau - Shilpa Rao, Amitabh

TRANSLATION::::> (Translation credit: DOCMITASHA@ wordpress)

Ek Lau Is Tarah Kyun Bhuji Mere Maula…

(Why was a flare extinguished like this, my Lord…)

Gardishon Mein Rehti, Behti Guzarthi,

Zindagi Aahein Kitni…

(Struggling through dark clouds, flowing, passing by,

There are so many lives [being lived]…)

In Mein Se Ek Hai, Teri Meri Agni,

Koi Ek Jaisi Apni…

(Your life and my life is just one flame amongst all of these)

Par Khuda Khair Kar, Aisa Anjaam Kisi Rooh Ko,

Na De Kabhi Yahaan…

Guncha Muskuratha Ek Waqt Se Pehle,

Kyun Chodd Chala Tera Yeh Jahaan…

(But God please, may no soul here receive, this kind of ending…

Before the arrival of a flower-like*, smiling [peaceful] time,

why did this life leave your world…)

{*writer refers to the gradual, sweet smelling natural death of a flower}

Ek Lau Is Tarah Kyun Bhuji Mere Maula,

Ek Lau Zindagi Ki Maula.

(Why was a flare extinguished like this, my Lord,

A flare of Life, my Lord)

Dhoop Ke Ujaale Se, Aus Ke Pyaale Se,

Khushiyan Mile Humko…

Zyada Manga Hai Kahaan, Sarhadein Na Ho Jahaan,

Duniya Mile Humko…

(The light of the sunshine, the beauty of the morning dew,

We recieve joy from all of this…

Is it too much that we ask for a world with no borders*)

{*As in, borders/divisions between people, ethnicities, religions…symbolizing all artificially created conflict amongst humanity}

Par Khuda Khair Kar, Uske Armaan Mein Kyun

Bewaja Ho Koi Qurbaan,

Guncha Muskuratha Ek Waqt Se Pehle,

Kyun Chodd Chala Tera Yeh Jahaan…

(But God please, why should anyone be sacrificed to fulfill this desire*…

Before the arrival of a flower-like, smiling [peaceful] time,

why did this life leave your world…)

{*Why should there be sacrifice for the sake of creating this division-less, conflict-free society? }

Ek Lau Is Tarah Kyun Bhuji Mere Maula,

Ek Lau Zindagi Ki Maula. (2)

(Why was a flare extinguished like this, my Lord,

A flare of Life, my Lord)

A tribute to all the martyrs who laid down their lives protecting innocent people from this dastardly attack...
Also, to the victims... May your souls rest in peace and may god give your families the strength to deal with this irreparable loss...

Monday, December 1, 2008

TERRORIZING an entire nation....

It was absolutely HORRIFYING to watch the 59 hours of non-stop coverage of what happened on the 26th of November 2008.. Though India and especially Mumbai has had its share of Bomb blasts and terrorist attacks since several years now, this was like something NONE of us had EVER witnessed before... Innocent people were being murdered BRUTALLY without even realising that death had come upon them.. It was unfair and inhuman.... Simply watching it on TV was shocking and intimidating beyond measure. The magnanimity of this attack and those headless terrorists, boys aged between 18-30 who have no idea what they are doing, and thoroughly misguided, cannot be undermined... If we re not cautious this may be the beginning of a horrendous nightmare... Beginning???? Did i just say beginning??? Hasn't it been 14 years since India had its first bomb blasts??? And the suspects/culprits are still alive and living freely (Dont we all know where)....

I have never been to the Taj Mahal Palace hotel or The Oberoi Trident but inspite of that, seeing those buildings in flames and echoing with bullet sounds and grenade blasts was so painful.. I cant even imagine how the Mumbaikars must be feeling.. It makes us wonder are we really safe in our own land?? Will we always be so prone to danger??

Terrorists entered the two top hotels in the financial capital and it took 59 hours to get them!! Probably among the most memorable 59 hours of every Indians life!.... But what one really appreciates and salutes is the exemplary courage of the Indian Armed Forces- Army, Navy and Air Force. I think EVERYONE would have died had they not jumped in to save lives.. Also the Mumbai police... Inspite of the poor facilities they are provided- a useless helmet and a sleeveless bullet-proof jacket to mention a few, their courage is commendable... And lastly, the elite defence forces- National Security Guards (NSG) or the black cats as they are called... I think their courage, sense or duty and humility is something we all should emulate.

Whats really tragic and frustrating is the death of so many innocent people... Commuters at the railway station, people out to enjoy a great dinner, patients in the hospital, religious heads (Rabbi and his wife who were killed at Nariman House) or simply people walking on the road, NOBODY WAS SPARED. What does one do now? Get the politicians to resign? After long last tighten the security of our cities? Provide the policemen better facilities? Is that it? Do we realise that most of us who dont vote are equally responsible for this? Im a citizen of this country eligible to vote. But do i even HAVE a voting card? Doesnt it seems like us eductaed fools are responsible in a way for putting our politicians where they are! Its not just their callousness and irresponsibility that has caused this tragedy. We need to do things too. We need to do our national duties and then talk about our national rights...


Well, anything said in this matter is not enough.. It is one of Indias most tragic days.. It has changed a lot about how we think.. We have finally said "enough is enough" and demanded the answers to our many questions from our politicians.. Lets only hope that we go somewhere from here and are not just stuck in a vicious circle of blamegame...
Lets all rise above petty discriminations and fight terrorism as a UNITED NATION... I think we can do it...
Lastly, i would only like to salute all the martyrs who lost their lives battling this tragic event... May you and all the victims of this dastardly attack rest in peace... We can only pray for you... Im sure the grief your families are facing is immeasurable... The whole nation is with you..