Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Zai Jian 2008!

(Goodbye 2008!)
Just a few hours more and soon we'll be stepping into the new year!! Year 2009!!!
This year brought old friends closer, wonderful new friends, good marks *winks* , more shows among many other things... A peaceful/uneventful year on the whole...
After the bitter and turbulent end of 2007, personally, the year 2008 has been one of healing and growth.. Friendships and addictions proved to be therapeutic and helped me rise from probably one of the most difficult phases of my life. So, i must take this opprotunity to thank all those friends who stood by me and at times lost their temper and confronted me (thankfully).. Had you guys not been there, I dont know how i would have come out of it... Also, im grateful to all my new friends who were unaware of anything but helped me immensely to come back to 'normal'. Finding 'The Villa' and being a part of it was certainly one of the key highs of this year. Last yet not the least, my family, who probably suffered the most, especially in the first half of the year, when they saw me in a way they had never seen me before. Im extremely sorry to have put them and everyone else through this, but im sure they understand.
This year has taught me to love and cherish what i have right now, in the present! It has taught me that life moves on and we have to as well.. I only hope that I can.
I pray, that neither I, nor anyone else has to face a sudden unexpected loss of their loved ones and also hope that peace prevails in the world and no dastardly attacks on innocent people anywhere occur. Lets have a Peaceful, Happy and Properous 2009!!