Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2 of my many best friends...

Anybody who knows me well would know the number of best friends i have... In life, u r lucky if u have met a few good people.. But i guess im really blessed to have so many good, happy n caring people who have stood by me in my every hour of need...
Anyway, this post isn't about me, its about them...
2 of my many best friends who have embarked upon a new journey in life...
Sonali.... who has left for the US for further studies (MBA)... A big step in any students life...
(I still cant believe i wasn't there to see u off girl! IF only id not met with that stupid accident!!! arrrgh! But i guess u can change whats meant to happen...)
Rucha... who has found he Mr. Right n got engaged last night... A big step in any girl's life...
(All thanks to could make it to this occassion though... I was really close to missing this one too!!!! Im glad i didn't, it was one hella party!!)

Anyway all i wanna say to these two friends of mine is that i wish u all the very best... I hope u succeed in what you do and be happy always! God bless..
Cheers to our friendship!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na

SOURCE: Wikipedia
Jaane Tu ... Ya Jaane Na (Hindi: जाने तू ... या जाने ना, translation: Whether you know... or not) is a 2008 Hindi-language film..
The movie tells the story of Jai and Aditi, who are two amongst a group of college friends. They are especially close, leading everyone to believe they are a couple. When they graduate from college, Aditi's parents invite Jai home to discuss future plans and marriage. Jai and Aditi are shocked and insist that they really don't see each other "that way".

Aditi, quick-tempered and prone to extremities in life, would prefer a strong man, an archetypal 'stud', who'd get into fights to protect her. Jai, on the other hand, is a pacifist, and would rather have a more sweet-tempered girl than Aditi as his better half.

He finds someone just that way during a night out at a club, where he ends up saving the girl (Meghna) from hooligans by fooling them rather than fighting them. Jai and Meghna start dating, much to the chagrin of Aditi, who finds herself increasingly missing the company of her best friend without realising why. Eventually, she starts seeing Sushant, a family friend, who fits the notion of her ideal man, only to later realise the travails of dating someone hot-tempered and prone to getting into fights.

Jai breaks off his relationship with Meghna, who has by now realised his affections for Aditi. Sushant reacts violently when he learns of Aditi's true affections. They break up, and she decides to go to the US to pursue a film-making course.

Jai gets back at Sushant for hitting Aditi. This only lands him in jail, but owing to a typically crazy turn of events involving his royal cousins from Rajasthan and a horse, he makes it to the airport where, in a nod to Bollywood tradition, he stops Aditi from leaving and confesses his feelings. At the end of the film, the couple, happily married and back from their honeymoon, are received at the airport by their friends and a new admirer of their love story.

Well it was a boring tuesday morning n i had started feeling ashamed about the way i was bunking college carelessly... Thats when my sister called me up asking if i wanted to go watch this film "Jaane tu... Ya jaane na" with her.(Which i didnt really wanna watch initially, my only intention was go go out with my friends and have a good time.. As in, any other film would do too.. It wasn't ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that we go watch just this film). Initially i rejected the offer saying id promised my friends i wud watch it with them. But the minute i hung up i started thinking.. WTH am i doing?????? Im giving up a chance to bunk college?!??!?.. So after a loooooot of convincing my friends FINALLY agreed to go... (They still behave like school kids and to think about it, it was they who introduced me to "bunking" !!)

So riding our bikes at the maximum possible speed within the choc-a-bloc traffic we finally made it on time to the theatre which was on the other side of the city n bought tickets for a good 120 bucks, still wondering if the movie was worth it at all!!

Well im glad to admit that the movie was TOTALLY worth it and more!!! Complete entertainer very lovable and complete with all the typical hindi film masala (The climax---> so predictable yet soooo funny!) We couldnt stop ourselves from LOLing at the end and kept singing the title song and other songs we know from the film all day next day until everyone around us was HEAVILY BORED!! Well i guess i wrote about it bcoz i had SUCH a good time with my friends that day!! And also coz the characters of RATS & MEOW (the nicknames of the two lead characters) touched our hearts... Not to forget the heavenly chocolate drink CADBY we had after the film!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

One step at a time...

A huge thank u to Editha unni for introducing me to this inspiring song... I think it is apt for my current situation.. Xie xie ni!!!
"One step at a time" by Jordin Sparks...

Song Lyrics

One Step at a Time - Jordin Sparks